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     Photographs of evidence -- whether injuries, details showing the size, shape, or position of an object, or recording a specific environment -- can be powerful evidence.

     Mark Dillon has over 30 years of experience in evidence photography working in the criminal justice system since 1974. The first 4 years were spent as a police officer in the United States Air Force. After his military initiation into law enforcement, he returned to civilian life and was quickly hired by the City of Hanford for the position of Police Officer. Almost immediately Dillon was recognized for his photographic abilities and became the primary photographer for the police department documenting crime scenes investigations & criminal cases, including homicides and other serious felonies.

     In 1981 while continuing his career in law enforcement, Dillon opened his own business in photography as a portrait, sports, and wedding photographer. This private business provided local law firms with a new resource of services. As a police officer, Mark has worked extensively in the field with film systems and the newer digital imaging systems.

     Dillon received training in video production work from the Sony School of Applied Video Technology studying production of training films, and crime scene video taping. He has provided forensic photographic/video services to the local district attorney office, private attorneys, police & sheriffs' departments, along with the California Highway Patrol, California Department of Justice and the F.B.I.

Forensic Photography
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Evidence Preservation - Civil - Criminal - Personal Injury
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 Photography Services:
We provide on-location photography services that include photographing of scenes, injury and evidence; providing prints and/or digital files.


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